Oh Crap! I’m Not Gonna Die? — 7 Comments

  1. Sorry, when I check the comment your second one wasn’t there. Maybe I don’t belong on the innerweb.

    Anyhoo – yes, I agree that a drastically wrong diagnosis deserves some compensation.

  2. Now that’s just WRONG! I guess the guy should look at the BIG PICTURE…it should make him feel better. I think he should get some kind of $$$ out of their mistake for cripes sake.

    Hey, I’m enjoying your posts….I have a feeling I’ll be coming back often…thanks so much….

  3. No prob. Thanks for reading. There were some good tips on remembering your passwords. Take a phrase and use the first letter of each word, Four score and seven years ago = 4sa7ya or fsasya
    I have some disposable passwords that I use on junk sites and “real” passwords that I use on important sites.

  4. Thank you – now I know how to create a secure password. Now how do I remember the dingblasted thing? Sometimes I think I have more passwords than hairs on my head.

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