Click and Clack Coming to Television — 9 Comments

  1. That son of mine who thinks like tree bark? Huge addiction to Tom and Ray. I grew up in New England and I remember hearing them on the radio all the time before I moved to the Midwest. You are so right about them being appointment radio. I read about the animated shows a little while ago and sent the info to my son (well, emailed it). We’re all very excited for it!

  2. I’ve never seen The Red Green Show. Haven’t seen Sesame Street in ages – old children does that. Most men are still kids when it comes to cars, Letterman was giddy last night because he had the Tuetel guys from American Chopper.

  3. My all time favorite show from PBS is The Red Green Show, with those wacky muppets on Sesame Street running a very close second. This new series sounds interesting…and it’s probably a given that anything animated and having to do with cars will be a hit with my husband who is really still a big kid.

  4. Thanks for the tip (and your hilarious blog).

    I have grown up listening to Car Talk – the brothers’ voices and humor are as much a part of my life as socks or dirty dishes or air. They deserve all the success in the world, and I bet they’ll have a captive audience on PBS (although I’m not sure it will be kids)!

  5. I love their show. They are from my neck of the woods. There is actually an office window above Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass., that is painted like a lawyer’s office and it says “Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.”

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