Fireworks from Behind a Tree — 6 Comments

  1. WOW! I didn’t get a chance to see a fireworks display yesterday….but now I have…all 5+ minutes of it. It was wonderful….thanks Mark.

  2. Holy Moly. Are you slumming it coming by my blog? I’m glad to have you!
    I talked today with a person who used to run the local live theater and for kid’s performances, they quit trying to get kids to stop texting because they thought it might drive them away from the theater experience. Since they were part of a class, or just dropped of by parents, they couldn’t throw the kid out (5-8 grades.) So what teacher let’s texting go on during a performance?

  3. “…but check your A.D.D. at the door.”

    Yes, yes, yes! As a classical composer and conductor I have worked at a lot of outdoor July 4th concerts. I wish there were more concert-goers like you.

    Another beef: cell phones! Just because the concert is outside doesn’t mean that basic rules of courtesy don’t apply.


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