Friday is National Men’s Grooming Day — 6 Comments

  1. ” Friday is National Men’s Grooming Day ”

    I wonder why Friday since it’s yet workdays. What about Saturday? You Americans have so many things to do on Saturdays and Sundays? Or do you have some occasion to attend to? Does women have their’s too? Oh well, knowing women, everyday is a grooms day..

  2. I heard an interesting theory last week. Allow me to share:

    My sister, who is now single, was whining about the lack of date-able men and the overwhelming number of cavemen out there.We all laughed and the old standby line was spoken, that the good ones are either married or gay – they are the only ones who don’t look like trolls. Then a wise friend of ours spoke up and said that the reason the married ones don’t look like unbathed trolls is because we women take care of them too well. We remind them to put on deodorant, discreetly inform them that part of dinner remains in their goatee and make sure their clothes match and smell good. The gay ones magically already know how to do this, the divorced ones are just pitiful.

    I know this rings true with my husband – if it weren’t for me, he’d be more offensive than he already is and would wear t-shirts with cut-off Larry the Cable sleeves to church. So what do you think? Was my friend right?

  3. I have it made then. My wife of 36 years IS a groomer. Yes she cuts my hair. Yes I have to go to her shop to get it done. Yes I get a better haircut if I growl and occasionly snap at her. Err wait, I guess I have to growl at her in bed. That’s it. I just snap at her during haircuts.
    Thanks for the brief visit, btw.

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