OMG! It’s the Return of “Live in Fear” Doppler — 5 Comments

  1. I think I spend way to much time online reading blogs & articles. However, I come out learning at least one new thing every time I read one. This is no exception. I keep my brain over loaded with information I may or may not need. I have gotten more information after reading this blog. I look forward to coming back and reading more. I just added this blog to the thousands of other blogs I have in my bookmarks.

  2. @Redneck Diva: OK weather people have every right to go bonkers, especially what you have been thru this year.
    But I am not joking: if there is a predicted thunderstorm, he starts talking tornado. It’s not like they are in a ratings battle.
    BTW: the schools have been canceled here on the FORECAST of snow.

  3. I get totally cracked up when weathermen go bonkers over bad weather – like they have no idea why someone would expect them to stay in the studio and keep the masses informed when they want to go run to the ‘fraidy hole and scream like a little girl.

  4. Hey Sixty,

    This post is causing all sorts of rendering type havoc when viewed in Firefox (both 2 and 3). Strangely enough it renders okay in IE 7.0. Besides that the video shows no longer available when you click on the pay button. It’s probably that lousy built in WP editor causing the problems when embedding videos since other videos in past posts have caused the same problems.

    I strongly recommend you give Windows Live Writer (local blog editor) to write your posts. One of the great features it has is a built in “Insert Video” function that works real slick. Besides, it’s the best blog editor going. Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know what you have to do in order to have work on your computer properly.

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