Five Years Ago Boomers Rained Down on Paris as Bombs Rained Down on Iraq — 12 Comments

  1. @Elaine: Deal! I was going to get Gretchen and Ben to go because they know wines, but she hates everybody so poop on her. Maybe Ben can leave her with the kids. *ducks and covers*

    @Winston: It’s 50% more than when we went five years ago.

    @Polly: that is what we found. A couple of times I was disappointed because I wanted to practice my French and they wanted to practice their English. But a smile goes a long way! But that’s a $18 lunch you mentioned. Breakfast was included with the hotel: hard boiled eggs, some bread and coffee. That was enough to get us going…
    Thanks for the offer on tourist tips.

  2. Hey Sixty, Merci for the nod!

    Paris is indeed more expensive now, but SO worth it; just forget buying the T-shirts and Eiffel Tower souvenirs, and avoid the tourist meccas. There are even plenty of clean, cheap hotels for under 35 euros a night. One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life (it made me weep!) was a 12€ lunch at an outdoor cafe last month. Go for quality not quantity in Paree and it’s fabulous. Parisians are kind and helpful if you say ‘Bonjour’ and ‘s’il vous plait’ and speak in a moderated voice (we Americanos are accustomed to a few more decibels for some reason).

    P.S. I respond to all tourism inquiries!

    Polly’s last blog post..Parisians during the Occupation

  3. Gene and I want to go to Europe as well, wine country in France and Italy. But with the value of the dollar down the toilet don’t know when that’s going to happen .

    Last April we went to the French side of St.Martin for vacation which we loved! I still miss sitting at an outdoor cafe in the morning with my cappuccino and pastry watching these amazing tiny blue birds looking for crumbs on the ground.

    I agree with your comment to Gretchen…I too think the Ugly American attitude is probably partially deserved.

    Tell you what Sixty — if we all get rich one of these days (or hit the lotto) Gene and I will meet you and Nancy in Paris and go traipsing around the French wine country.

    Elaine’s last blog post..5 years later

  4. @Gretchen: Most people have that impression – probably some of it deserved or brought on by American attitudes. We made an effort to blend it, speak a little French, and be open-minded. Which fooled nobody. 90% of our experiences with the French were great. But go to any big city and I think the same would apply.

  5. Hmm, well, Ben was last there quite a number of years ago, so I guess things have changed. I am somewhat derogatory (okay, not somewhat; very) toward the French, so tend to think of France in negative terms. Probably just jealous because I’ve never been to Europe whatsoever.

    Bart Simpson famously once referred to the French as a bunch of “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Ack! Penis!

  6. @Going/Keeping: The link from “Paris” goes to flickr with pictures. Yeah, how could I forget how freaked you were???

    @Gretchen: he could not be more wrong. People pick up dog turds, they “flush” the sewers every night (water comes out of the sewer on the uphill slope and washes shit down the downhill side.) Can’t smoke indoor eateries anymore.

    Could when we were there and that was no problem. We usually ate outside anyway. Smoke doesn’t really bother us.

    Me? I could MOVE there in a heartbeat if I was loaded.

  7. Ben says Paris is full of dog shit in the streets and people smoking Gauloises. Did YOU enjoy it?

    Odd how my sons’ babyhoods were marked by 9/11, which happened when Sam was 2 months old, and the Iraqi War, which started when Matt was 2 months old. I spent a lot of time nursing baby boys while watching CNN during those years.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Ack! Penis!

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