What Was Your Experience? Passion Pit or Bijou Balcony? — 7 Comments

  1. True: I forgot about the importance of seating when it came to the pecking order.
    I remember reading about the odometer changing! Forgot you posted the picture! What a big old boat!

  2. Well…you had more luck then I did with speakers…1/3 of them never worked! And of couse there was always some pigeon brain that would rip it right off the pole when he left.
    Yes, I do remember those steamed over windows…watching to see who was making out with whom…bringing colored popcorn from home along with sodas from the Pantry Pride.
    And being from the south…mosquitos! The state bird!

    Hope you are feeling better…
    come by and see me sometime!

    ~The Baby Booomer Queen~

  3. @Polly: Oh wow… totally forgot about that scenario! Did everybody laff and tease her about it forever? 1949 Plymouth – who got to lie down in the huge back window ledge?

  4. Well, dang, I feel deprived. Not that I didn’t go to drive-ins, but we went to the drive-in in Murfreesboro TN with my grandmother and all the visiting cousins. Not exactly passion-pit-night-on-the-town.

    The most thrill we got was the night my grandmother drove off before removing the speaker from the car window of her 1949 Plymouth.

    Polly_Vous Francais’s last blog post..Why we love Paris

  5. Do you remember the hot dog jumping into the bun routine during those “Visit our refreshment stand” shorts? Now if that wasn’t a rather obvious subliminal message I don’t know what was. Guys taking a new girl to the drive in for the first time did a lot of staring at the steering wheel, dashboard, side window–anything but at her face lest he give his lust away right at the beginning after that particular wiener in the bun short finished playing.

    You know, I don’t believe I ever actually watched a movie at the drive-in now that I think about it. 😉

    Kirk M’s last blog post..The Last Exam

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