When Bill O’Reilly Says It’s Time, It’s Time! McCain Sexism Aside, Free Sarah Palin — 6 Comments

  1. @elliott: welcome. I’ll add you to my blogroll too! I’ll follow you in RSS because the only way I can retire is to leave the country also.

    @Slick: so true. There is just so much under the surface that never makes the MSM. Sad isn’t the word.

  2. Bah, I’m not even going to play, I’m too shell shocked from today’s shenanigans. However, I want to introduce myself as a new reader because your blog rocks. Unless you send me a cease and desist, you are joining my blogroll immediately.

  3. Atta boy, Sixty! Because of this election I finally had to do the same thing myself so join the club of politically thin skinned boomer type bloggers. Elaine did the same thing and ended up getting scathed for it…I’m so proud of her.

    Let’s see who gets the hate mail/comments first.

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