Why Groupon Will Fail — 7 Comments

  1. Way to exaggerate everything!!!! I love groupon and wish I had known about long before I did. I do agree that some deals have been “too successful,” especially for smaller businesses which is why those companies are able to put a limit on how many are for sale! Obviously if you are a business owner, there are factors you need to work out and do some basic math before deciding on the terms. With that being said, you are highly exaggerating, basically lying about some of your main points. The majority of the deals are STILL $10 for $20 worth or similar. I don’t know where you’re seeing $45 off a $200 purchase, that or anything similar to that being on groupon is a FLAT OUT LIE. Every deal is at least 50% off, often times much more. Just bought one yesterday for $15 for $35 worth of product. Most online deals also include free shipping on top of the huge discounts. As for the gift certificate expiration issue, it may pan out differently in court but they are technically considered coupons, not gift certificates because they offer huge discounts.

  2. My wife and I were just talking about this groupon thing tonight. Never been to their site and honestly, don’t care. Sounds like another in a long line of failed ideas. If I had a nickel for every “have I got a deal for you” things out there, well, I’d have a lot of nickels.

  3. Excellent! And I’ll weigh in. I was called out of the blue by Groupon wanting me to do garden consultations for half off, then give them a third of my half. No pay-off for me, just doing what I do for a lot less money – and giving these leaches a cut. Leaches – I said it~!
    I’m a member of a Facebook group of independent garden center owners and staff and there’s been much discussion there of Groupon and its ilk, but not this big-picture perspective. So I ‘ll share this with them.
    And howdy – whoever you are (I haven’t looked for your About page yet). I’m exploring boomer blogs, now that I have one, and instantly loved yours. Maybe coz I don’t give a shit, either. Susan

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