66% of My Weapons Were Found During Security Sweep — 4 Comments

  1. Okay there, mister coffee baron, I’m glad you’re making your way through all them security stations and the like although I kinda feel a bit sorry for those TSA agents that have to use those “see ya’ naked” scanners. I fully expect a free can of your coffee once you get things up and running. An ex-Cold War submariner is the world’s greatest authority on coffee you know. You wouldn’t find a better qualified taste tester anywhere. And I seriously hope you phoned ahead and had some illegal arms stashed away for your use while traveling abroad. You are in Central America you know.

    • Puh-leeze. Senor Coffee Baron. Can of coffee? Beans, dude, beans.
      You are always welcome to visit Sedolsoder to offer your expert opinion.
      We harvest from November through March. Bring Maple Syrup and we will barter.
      Bring your own weapons.

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