Small Business Clowns Don’t Get Health Insurance So We’re Asked to Bail ’em Out — 3 Comments

  1. Many possible solutions to this problem. Firstly, our diets and lifestyles in America are terrible and conducive to disease. has all kinds of alternative and natural remedies which are cheap and focus on preventative measures; all that people are lacking is the knowledge and application of these.
    Secondly, why is health care so costly? We need to look at the past where people didn’t have as much health care, let alone health insurance, and see what they would have done. I remember trying to get a band-aid for a cut I got while out exercising, from the school nurse. They wanted to also apply a bunch of antibiotic creme and so on – all I needed was a band-aid! And I didn’t even need that; really, I could have just held my cut together until the blood clotted. So, there is a great need for frugality. If healthcare were cheaper, then perhaps it would be more acceptable to just “pay-as-you-go” rather than get health insurance; you know for certain that more is charged for services than is strictly in accordance with frugal living.
    Thirdly, we should perhaps acknowledge that we don’t have the resources to care for everyone and everything. If we can live without some kind of costly operation, we should consider it – again, look to what existed in the past. We should act in strict obedience to necessity in a situation and consider the utility of what we do and how we heal. We are actually causing more problems for ourselves by thinking that it’s desirable to live forever; I am not there yet, but I hope to die of some natural cause in my older age, if I make it there, rather than try to fight it and use costly measures. As is consistent with my Catholic upbringing, I acknowledge that there are ordinary measures to extend one’s life and extra-ordinary ones; let us only use the ordinary ones.
    Fourthly, why shouldn’t good health be costly? In some sense we need to re-prioritize our lives and, instead of gambling and wasting away our health in dissipative monetary or physical activities, let’s get people to invest in better health and use the time they have in ways that contribute to health rather than disturbance!
    Fifthly, we should adopt free and effective ways to take care of our health. Rather than be on high blood pressure pills, we can reduce our weight and do deep breathing meditation. These things DO work wonders; in fact, the pharmaceuticals are highly inferior in many regards in many cases. So it is important that we understand all the costs of health and to choose the effective alternatives where possible.

  2. Sorry, I disagree. Forcing people to have health insurance is not the answer. Even WITH health insurance the cost is sometimes too much. Especially in this economy. How are the jobless/homeless expected to pay ANYTHING for insurance? For that matter how about a family with 2 kids barely able to make ends meet with what few bills they have already? Some of them can’t even afford to drive to work! Gas prices prohibit it.
    Controlling the greedy “health care” system is the answer!
    Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors and insurance companies are the real demons. Limit them and you have solved a huge part of the problem.
    It ain’t a gonna happen though. Too much money lining the politicians pockets. Just my dos colones worth.

    • Of course you are right. This is too huge a problem for one solution. Tort reform is another part: limit the $$$ lawyers can collect from suing docs and pharma and that lowers costs, and on and on and on.

      The bigger number of people that pay in… even if it’s a small amount will spread the risk among a larger pool. The healthy young person MUST be a part of the plan.

      The point: a small businessman who can’t afford healthcare so he depends on the community to pay his bills is a sad state of affairs.

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