Did Sears Kill Kmart or Vice Versa? Or Did Walmart do them both in? — 3 Comments

  1. Not that it matters……but Kmart holdings bought sears Roebuck……not the other way around…..and it probably has mor to do with mismanagement than walmart

  2. Illinois just gave Sears a sweetheart tax deal to keep their corporate offices in Chicago. Now we’ll see how many stores will be closed in Illinois. Specific legislation for the benefit of one business should be illegal.

    The last time I looked at Sears merchandise was when they still had a big catalog and I was circling toys that I wanted Santa bring me. Craftsman tools were their only good product and most have a lifetime warranty so customers never need to buy replacements.

    • Oh yeah, read about that somewhere. We’ll see how long the Sears memory is for this tax break. Too bad there isn’t a clawback provision. Just read today that Sears will be licensing Craftsman and Diehard merchandise to other stores. Whuck? Great point on the lifetime warranty.

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