eHow Enticed Me to Brick My Laptop — 6 Comments

  1. I remember the first time I disassembled a laptop. I pulled up the keyboard and tore the ribbon cable right in half. Good times, good times…

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a laptop with the CMOS battery behind the display. They must REALLY not want you to replace it yourself.

    If the hard drive is still working, take it out of the now-dead laptop and buy a little external case for it. They’re pretty cheap back here in Uhhhmerica, like $10-20. Then you can plug it into a USB port on your new laptop and recover all your files easy-peasy.

  2. We ALMOST bricked Pat’s Dell, just before moving here, when we saw similar instructions about how “simple” it was to replace her laptop’s faulty cooling fan. It took both of us all afternoon, a box full of tools, eighty-eleven sandwich bags with post-its to sort and keep track of which microscopic fasteners went into which microscopic holes. Why, exactly, we didn’t irreparably break something must be strictly luck. I was so sure we’d wrecked it that I called out, “Smoke test!” when we got ready to push the power button. It worked but yesterday the “new” fan started to make funny noises. Geez.

    • Makes me feel a little better cuz you’re a lot smarter than I. Of course you were successful and me not. It’s still disassembled. I thought about bringing it to you for a project! 🙂

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