My First Success Muleing As A Costa Rican Resident — 2 Comments

  1. I do this all the time. The secret (that works for me) is always write something on the Customs form. Do this only for items that are perceived as NEW. In your case you should have taken the packaging off the faucet and sprinkler head. Regarding the disposal, open the box, take it out. Repackage it and tell the Agent that they are “personal items.” There is NO TAX ON THAT STUFF. Throw him a bone or two and declare (on the form) a few inexpensive items. I have brought in laptops, software, DVDs and even a Panasonic wireless surround sound system. Never a problem. Good luck on your next trip.

    • Yup. Aware of the “personal items.” Reading the form, it also excludes having to declare tools used on the job. I was ready to tell them I was a professional garbage disposer.
      Maybe you missed this in the blog: “Waves me through”
      Thanks for the comment!

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