Geezer women are hot new spokesmodels: The Golden Sisters — 2 Comments

  1. Hey! Hi old friend… YES, get that car cam and start yourself an channel. I’ve found that women of a certain age (ours) are usually hilarious – even when they don’t mean to be. Go for it…

  2. Hey old friend! I’m glad I’m not one of those oldies, although it would be nice to get national attention for my “older” humor and forgetful nature. Well, I could skip the national attention if I could go right to the money part. Lynn and I could banter about while driving down the road … in fact we do and we think we are quite hilarious. We make ourselves laugh all the time. In fact, we have even recorded us for our grandchildren and we made them laugh. But unfortunately, we don’t have an agent relative, nor do we have such accents and brassy natures. I guess we will continue to just live off of our retirement and social security. It gets us by. But just in case, I’m having that camera installed in the car TODAY!

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