I Don’t Think Even I Would Do This for Freebie. — 6 Comments

  1. A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service. Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

    At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter. When all eyes stared at him, he said, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral….. I’m a gynaecologist.”

    That’s when the proctologist fainted.

  2. Wow! That is fan-dam-tastic.
    Of course, I didn’t give it a thought that men without insurance would use this service.
    It was an easy shot and I took it. I regret it now.
    Thanks for your good work.

  3. Hello All,

    More than 500 men showed up at the Brewers’ prostate cancer screening. Most of these men didn’t have health insurance. Considering that one in six men get prostate cancer during their lifetime it is likely that some men had cancer.

  4. Hi, glad you dropped by.
    Mammograms require big machines, Procto-docs bring their own examination equipment.
    Glad I gave you a chuckle.

  5. I saw this “promo” on a sports show the other day. I couldn’t believe it. It will be interesting to see if they follow-up and let us know what the turnout was like. YIKES! What’s next…mammograms at beauty shops? You made me laugh….

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