French Fry and Cheez Whiz Guy Dies — 8 Comments

  1. Again, your should aim your attacks elsewhere. You better make a better contribution to this world than these little article. Ed did so many wonderful things with his life and gave so much that you very few of us could hold a candle to.

  2. @ Paul: I didn’t know the man. If you’re referring to my other post about him helping killing Americans. My opinion – if you want to deal with it more, talk to glcrumpacker.

  3. Mark sweetie, as a Phildelphia native I love me some Whiz. And I always say if you’re intent upon killing yourself with habits, do it TO THE HILT.

    Oh and P.S. Paul, you. Unfortunately you miss the point entirely. Bad habits do NOT a bad person make, albeit unfortunately if your habits are skurvy enough, death can, may and might appear.

    Plus: Mark is my adopted big brother, and if you fuck with him you fuck with ME. Please, direct your venom elsewhere. You certainly appear to have a wealth of it to share as I’m sure you see.

    Kisses! But not for you, smart guy.

  4. First off to the writer of this story. You are an idiot. Next time do the research on the person. True as some of the fact are next time why don’t you tell us a little about the man.
    Ed was a great father, and father In-Law. He was a kind man and a giving man who gave money to charities.
    He was a great man none the less and it is sad to have writers like you spoo jiberish about hi because he is now dead.

  5. Actually, I’d prefer a sonnet a la Robert Browning but your poetry could be verse!!!!!! The Kay heads outta here grinning, ducking and running like hell!!!

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