The Time Capsule to Drive People Nuts. — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks! Great documentation. What a pile of rust. You can tell the aluminum from the rest. Wonder why that one section of bumper chrome is so shiny?

  2. Success – I wonder if there will be the equivalent of chain letters / emails? Like maybe clone this nanobot and send to 10 people?

  3. It was just too easy a shot.
    Purse? pretty stupid if you ask me.
    So like the Capital One commercial asks: what’s in your wallet/purse?
    Now that’s a post I’d like to read.

  4. Heyyyyy…what have you been doing out behind my shed??

    The contents of a woman’s purse? Uh…why? I don’t get that one. So the people of the future can ask, “Uh…why?” I guess.

  5. Those are some excellent ideas 🙂

    I’d put in one of those glass bottles with the model ships inside. I’d write ‘Time Capsule’ on it just for extra effect.

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