Thoughts and Actions During Mouse-capades. — 5 Comments

  1. Loosely, I didn’t think your comment was snarky. Don’t embargo your comments! Goooooood luck on the transfer! Don’t come whining to me.

  2. forgot to logout of my alter ego and you found me anyway! i promise to keep my snarky comments to myself for the next 30 days. after that – all hell breaks loose from the looselywoven one.

    my parents have given my son his own computer- i’m very grateful and so is he. the problem with the wonderful gift is transferring all of his itunes from my old notebook to his new one. conversation with self will be very similar to your mouse convo, buh-lieve me.

  3. loosely: Nooooooo, went back to return the mouse and found a keyboard AND mouse for the same price. What we really needed was a keyboard! ARGH.

    Chase: it wasn’t the mouse you gave me, that works great. (jinx)

  4. When we were looking for Christmas gifts for you last year we both agreed we had to find the one wireless mouse that would fail after 6 months. Thank God we only paid twelve bucks for it!

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