Boomer Rapper Helps Bury N Word – Problem Solved — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Turbine, welcome.
    1. I think it should be deh-twa to recognize the French.
    2. Yes! The governor might just have well said “we doh wanna see ya no mo.”
    3. Car dealers just fooling themselves.
    4. Ok by me.

    Thanks for you thoughts.

  2. I like this ‘blog’. I see your humor.

    I do not have any suggestions as to what other letters that we need to bury to solve a (this) problem, however, there are some words that may need to be removed (pronounced) to solve problems.

    (1) DEEtriot (I understand the DEE) , should be pronounced as Detroit.
    (2) No, in this instance,should be changed to any.
    (3) Can we change the word ‘pre-owned’, back to used?
    (4) Can we get the ‘progressives’, to use the ‘liberal’ word to describe themselves again?

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