Just Your Typical Boomer Woman — 12 Comments

  1. The show might fly in other states, but no one in Oklahoma is going to buy it. Sure, we cuss and we’ve also been known to do the nasty a time or two, but eh, I just don’t think Holly Hunter is going to portray an OKC chick cop effectively or accurately.

  2. No female tv cop will be better than Sgt. Pepper Anderson (Angie Dickenson). Now that was a sexy cop. I can’t image Holly Hunter in this new role. My casting call for that Grace role: Ellen Barkin.

  3. I agree with (all except the swearing part.) I will be interesting to see if people will suspend belief enough to keep the show going.

  4. Growing up in Oklahoma….I don’t quiet see Holly Hunter as the typical “Boomer Sooner” woman. To me, the stereotype would be a woman who dressed in Western getup, goes to church on a regular basis, loves football, and don’t swear, your everyday Bible Belt/Red State stereotype…not someone who has gone as “hog wild” as Hunter. I personally don’t think the typical OKC police officer makes the kind of money to afford a Porsche unless someone in the family owns an oil well.

  5. Welcome Tab01: you obviously confuse me for a person who could figure something like that out! Tell you what, that will be the mystery of the day.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Please clarify…does “typical boomer” mean typical “Boomer Sooner”/ women of OK, or “Baby Boomer”??? Or could it be both???

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