Making the Best of Restless Legs and Sleep Apnea. — 15 Comments

  1. I would Google sleep apnea, but he wouldn’t listen and then while I’m lying awake at night listening to him not breathe, I’d start planning his funeral.

  2. I have never heard of the bar of soap until you guys mentioned it.

    When I’ve been drinking or get really tired, even the meds don’t help.

    If you have medical insurance your husband should get that checked out. Google sleep apnea…

  3. Before my Papa passed away, he, too, swore by that bar of soap at the foot of the bed. We all just giggled and figured it if worked for him, well, just bless his little heart. My sister will get jumpy legs when she’s really tired and can’t wind down, so one night, in exhausted exasperation, she put a bar of Lever 2000 at the foot her bed, between the mattress and the fitted sheet. I asked her the next day how she slept and she said she woke up every 15 minutes thinking that bar of soap was a critter in her bed! Soap therapy – not for everyone.

    I will lay awake at night on a particularly bad snoring night for my husband and count how long he stops breathing. It’s more edutaining than counting sheep because I also mentally go over how to do CPR. Just in case.

  4. @Prairie: 6:30, don’t wake me when you get the icecream!

    @Gretchen: RLS could be a good excuse for domestic violence.
    I was in denial about Apnea for a lot of years. My daughter uses on for central sleep apnea (not obstructive) because of a brain fart. She just got a new one and we’re trying to convince her husband to use the old one. He is a wall-shaker!

  5. My mother-in-law has RLS. Either that, or it’s an excuse for kicking Ben’s stepfather in the middle of the night. (If I was sleeping with him, I’d kick him.)

    Ben has apnea and has worn a CPAP for about nine years now. Relief for me, since I don’t have to lie awake and worry if he’s going to start breathing again — not to mention, no more house-shaking snoring!

  6. RLS is definitely genetic and hereditary, both my grandmother and my father suffer and I’m starting to feel the first twinges of involuntary movement also.
    Cheers for the link also. 😀

  7. There’s a syndicated columnist who’s a doctor that I read in the paper (another one) who swears about a bar of soap in the bed for both leg cramps and RLS.

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