Here’s How to Clean Your Personal Sewer System — 6 Comments

  1. Today while I was waiting for my soap opera, I caught the last few minutes of an infomercial for some colon cleanse system. There was a runner across the top of the screen telling how John Wayne and Elvis’s colons weighed 45 lbs when they died. I found that information intriguing, but it was when the guy started talking about mucous and intestinal sludge that I slowly put down my sandwich and lost my appetite altogether. My intestinal sludge is kind of personal and I’d rather not discuss it during the noon hour. Ugh.

  2. @Paul: hope your site is working again. Read what Prairie Gourmet says about “elder”
    @Prairie Gourmet: Paul, Ronni at As Times Goes By and I have a running dispute about using “elder.” They use it as meaning wisdom. I think it sounds ancient.

  3. That’s what you get reading “Elder” material. What was a young guy like you doing reading publications for old folks? elder def: aged, ancient,of greater age. Since when do you qualify?

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