I Never Saw Dead People — 4 Comments

  1. @Winston: Welcome

    @Prairie: I had forgotten, or I would have given “your side” of the story.

    @Joy: If you’re raised in a funeral home, it still has to give you the creeps – kids being kids and all that

  2. I can’t think of anything creepier than having part of your house be a funeral home. YIKES…no thank you. Funerals, death and corpses are scary enough without having them under the same roof on a daily basis. No surprise that Bob didn’t have many friends over to hang out. Just thinking about it ‘ooges’ me out.

  3. If you read my past posts, you know I PLAYED in a funeral home with my friends. Never got the heebee jeebees. The only rule was we couldn’t go into the “prep” room when there was a body (although sometimes we would peek). It was just like a big theater with lots of props, curtains, music, directors, actors and a place for the audience. Perhaps that’s why I’m so cynical of funeral productions now.

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