Monster Founder; Eons Founder Says Die Boomer Die — 10 Comments

  1. To all of the ageist 20-somethings (you know who you are). if you base a person’s worth on looks or age, you also will someday hit 30 and beyond, and will be irrelevant to a newer generation, and what great accomplishments will your generation have to show for itself? mall music+boy bands? materialism? you were raised on playstation/xbox, britney, southpark, backstreet boys, linkin park, and any other music that sucked for an entire generation. ++you loved the shows TRL, jackass, and punk’d. however, your generation will never experience greatness. This is all you had to show for it. You failed. That era is over, just like bush.

  2. You baby boomers have f*d our country worse than any generation in American history. We should take that bail out, save it for the x & Y generation in 30 years and let you f*ups go back to work and live in the places you have bankrupted – both morally and financially. You’ve screwed this country and I for one have no qualms letting you suffer your own consequences.

    Take all of the reasons that divide the rest of us and throw them off the back of the ship. Everyone should unify pointing at the boomers. Atheistic greedy narcos.

    * reply

  3. @me again: I put in things to write about that were not true to go along with boomers are old and boomers are stupid.

    I also have tinnitus. Let’s swap stories: email me!
    And trifocals with an extra pair of glasses for computer stuff.

  4. You forgot a couple, of which I am reminded every day that I age:

    boomers are deaf (tinnitis)
    boomers are blind (bifocals and counting)

    Maybe those contribute to the “boomers can’t drive” phenomenon.

    BTW, I once posted my resume on Not only did I get no action whatsoever, when I got a job and tried to take my resume off, I couldn’t. Then I kept getting annoying email from for THREE YEARS. I even sent threatening email saying get my resume off and delete me from the system. Still nothing. I think I finally timed out. Screw (I almost used that pesky f-word. Heh.)

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