Go Away Little Bidet — 6 Comments

  1. Somehow I’ll have to weave into the song-parody lyrics the notion that many French people who are still having fun romping in the hay (at whatever age, whatever hour of the day) think the bidet is irreplaceable — one can’t always take an apres-shower! Ergo bidets are not just for the gentle-ladies of Pigalle/St Denis.

    Wish I’d seen Nancy in ‘Birdie.’ Video clips? Ooh -la-la!

  2. @Polly: thanks, I was inspired by your headline. Bye Bye Birdie had some great songs. Nancy was in a community theater production of it.
    I like the ballad idea. One Special Boy? One Special Bidet???

  3. What a hoot! I think you need to start posting spew warnings because your posts make me snort cafe au lait out my nose.

    You’ve totally inspired me. I love “Go Away Little Bidet” and now I think I’ll do my own Bye-Bye Bidet version based on “See you in September”.

    (The orginal idea of one based on “Byee Byee Bird-hee” was fun — but most of us only know the refrain.)

  4. @Gretchen: share a parody or two. Ummmm, see the bidets I saw are the ones that give you a jet stream upwards while one was on the can. The picture looks like the footbath they are often mistaken for. So you crap, get up move to the bidet to clean up. No Thanks.

  5. Hey, I didn’t know you were a songwriter. Ben and I do a lot of song parodies.

    I have never quite understood the need for a bidet. To my understanding they were mostly used by prostitutes, who DO have a reason.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..ABCs With Attitude.

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