Tiger Woods On Hockey, Basketball, and Golf. — 12 Comments

  1. @Gretchen: that’s what I was thinking =- the mask and all..
    @SavvyBoomer: good to hear from you, obviously you have a passion for the game. I do love the names of their age groups! Pistons!!!! ROTFLMAO. what a goofy mistake… Sheesh, face is red as a Wing.

  2. O.K. O.K. You just knew something about hockey would get a response from me. First of all, there have been a few blacks who were decent players besides Fuhr including Anson Carter, Donald Brashear (toughest guy in hockey), Georges Laraque, Mike Grier and probably one of the top 5 paid players in the NHL today and perhaps the best 2 way player, Jerome Iginla of Calgary.
    Like most Canadians, I played hockey when I was a kid and the best player in my league was black. Unfortunately he quit growing when he hit 5’5″ so he didn’t make it too far. The only things I got from hockey were a concussion (no helmets back then), a few broken teeth (no faceguards back then either) and the ability to fight while perched on two thin blades of steel on very slippery ice-a talent that is seldom used in everyday life.
    Also, check out the age groups in hockey:
    Atom, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget and Junior.
    Finally. The Pistons? WTF? That is Detroit’s basketball team-their hockey team is the Red Wings and they haven’t won the Stanly Cup yet, they are up 3-2 over Pittsburgh. Sad that there are no Canadian teams in the finals, but many of the players are so that’s some consolation.

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  3. Oh, black guys are here and there these days. The NHL even has Asian guys now, which never ceases to freak me out. You just don’t think of hockey as an Asian thing.

    Yeah, you couldn’t see Grant’s behind his mask and gloves! A lot of people didn’t realize he was black, it was such an aberration back then.

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