A Missionary Described Her Boobs and Her Poopy Pants So I Gave Her Ten Bucks — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, good luck in Costa Rica. I hear it’s a great place — beautiful beaches, cool (if sometimes rainy) mountains, friendly people . . . and as opposed to some other Latin American locales, it’s supposed to be safe.

    And presumably, it will be safe to blog there as well — no one looking over your shoulder, or ready to criticize, or wonder what you’re doing.

    I have told my friends that I blog; and attached a link on my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. But otherwise, I’ve kept it kind of low key, figuring if anyone WANTS to look up my blog, I’m not going to hide it; but I’m not going to promote it to my friends, or ask for trouble from them.

    Consequently, only one of my followers is a “real-life” friend; and my blog just doesn’t come up in real-life conversations. Even my spouse rarely mentions it. Maybe she thinks it’s “my” thing — kinda like golf — and she’d just as soon stay out of that world.

    I dunno. Maybe my friends just think the blog is terribly boring and are too polite to mention that. Except, I do get a fair number of visitors and comments, considering I’ve only been blogging for six months … but I wish I had more followers.

    Anyway, good luck in CR — and stay in touch with us stay-at-home retirees.

    • Hi Sightings. Welcome. Costa Rica is all you describe and better/worse. Yeah promoting your blog to friends is asking them to look a pix of your grandkids!

      You may be interested to know that blogging in Costa Rica carries more risk than being in the U.S. They don’t appreciate the freedom of speech as much as we do. Therefore, one has to be leery of a “denuncio” being filed against a blogger for having an opinion… From what I’ve been told/read, it’s a guilty until proven innocent. You won’t see any food reviewers in Costa Rica – too much liability.

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