Cops Cost U.S. a Ryder Cup Victory — 5 Comments

    • No. It’s not a nice story all around. Cops should not be personal drivers for millionaire Brits. “came to his rescue???” puh-leeze. And the cop said he was doing his duty? In what world is this his DUTY.
      I think the guy should be reprimanded and suspended for misuse of city vehicles.

      • The cop was a deputy chief in suburban Lombard, not exactly a hotbed of urban crime — more like Mayberry than Englewood. So it’s not like two muggings, a gang shooting and a gas station heist happened because this cop played chauffeur.

        Speaking as a Chicago taxpayer, events like the Ryder Cup are all about tourist dollars, and not just the dollars the golfer and their fans spent, but the tourists who might come to the area because their friends and neighbors had a good time at the Ryder Cup or because they got good vibrations about the area from the press coverage. Although I do see your point, I think the good PR value of it far outweighs any technical misuse.

  1. Thanks for sharing this article and video on the Ryder Cup I missed this. Lately it seems that the Europeans don’t need any help. I wonder if Rory would be willing to share a few golf swing for beginners tips? I think that this is the least he could do. Don’t you?

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