Two Great Lies About Costa Rica — 7 Comments

  1. My son lives in Costa Rico, , the Central Valley, between San Jose and the Pacific Ocean (west side) and loves it. He said “its no way you could not like living in Paradice. Yes, it has a rainy season, but its
    short and dries fast. I would love to go see him but I’m 80 years old
    somewhat handicapped.

  2. After spending 8 years in the “but-it’s-a-dry-heat” of the Arizona desert, we were delighted to move to CR in October — apparently the rainiest month. I did forget how much fun (not) it is to hose down the dogs/patio/etc. every time they need to come in — this morning at 6 a.m., for example. And my laundry on the line has had two rainwater rinses since this morning. But other than the unplugging of the electronics, I’m kind of excited to see rain again. Each to his/her own I guess!!!!

  3. I never comment on these things and I probably shouldn’t now but I kinda feel I have to. We need rain for the plants and trees to be as amazing as they are. I never understand the aversion to it. It is part of the process… gotta love it all.:)

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