Boomers Fund Studies for Benefits of Pot, Chocolate and Wine. — 3 Comments

  1. HEY HEY…most Baby Boomers know this…in fact if it hadn’t been for the Bushettes…there would be more research…I know I would volunteer for some!

    Cancer victims/survivors as well as Lupus, glaucoma, arthritis and many more debilitating diseases benefit from it.

    Show me a woman who can’t have chocolate around her cycle time and I will show you Rosanne on Steroids!

    BUT…the world would rather you shove pharmaceuticals down your throat than something natural…if it isn’t an aspirin…I am not taking it!

    Fatten the pockets of DRUG companies while they slowing and sometimes…not so slowly kill you, while they heal you…DON’T GET ME STARTED…or was that your intent all along (grins)?

    Smiles and world peace.

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