I am Not an Elderblogger. — 7 Comments

  1. I registered at BlogHer. Wow, what a site.

    And yes, I would be surprised at the debates over “mommy.”
    Not being a mommy and the oldest end of the Boomer generation, I shall show similar restraint.

    (Can you point me in the direction of a lively blog about “mommy?”)

  2. No problem. And you’re right, men are absolutely welcome.

    PS-I think you’d be surprised at the debates that have raged over the connotations behind use of the word “mommy”…

    Not being a mommy, and being the very youngest year that qualifies as Boomer (1964) I don’t feel I’m qualified to weigh in on either debate. Or, well, i could, but who’d listen!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for writing.
    I appreciate you taking time to explain the derivation of elderblogging. However, the big majority of people would associate “elder” with elderly – and boomers are not elderly.
    It has a different connotation than MommyBlogger or BlogHer.
    I think spreading the term does bloggers 60+ a disservice.
    But: it made me take a deeper look at BlogHer and it’s cool men bloggers are welcome.

  4. Actually, I coined the term because I named a panel “Respect Your Elderbloggers” It was a play on the phrase “Respect Your Elders, obviously. And the panel mostly dealt with the fact that contrary to conventional wisdom there are a lot of people over 50 blogging, and that they are a market force to be reckoned with.

    Ronni was on the panel; she happened to love the phrase…associating the world “elder” with its more tribal reference to wisdom…and she has taken it and run with it ever since. She continues to kindly credit me long after she is the one who really can take credit for spreading the term.

    Elderblogging is hardly the only segment of blogging that is labeled…and I don’t think there’s probably a label out there, from MommyBlogger to Blawger to BlogHer that everyone loves and buys into.

    so, that’s the whole sordid tale 🙂

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