Better Communication Through M & M’s — 10 Comments

  1. Oh heck no! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a “yes, dear” in our married life! My dad used to say it to my mom in this whiney, hen-pecked voice that drove her nuts, but was always good for a laugh. Paul, however, won’t even play along for fear that I might actually misconstrue it as him actually agreeing to something!

  2. His would say:

    (nearly imperceptible nod)
    I wasn’t snoring.
    Fine, but we’re not watching Lifetime.
    I don’t care (this one is used as an answer to virtually everything and is interchangeable with the “ungh” one)

  3. The whole time I was reading this I thought, “They cannot possibly be married!” Boy, did I have them pegged. No long-time married couple could only communicate with such sweet phrases.

    The only way I could communicate with my husband through M&M’s is if, like you mentioned, they had some that said,”You’re snoring” etc. But I’d also have to have:

    You’re a jerk
    Stop ignoring me
    Can we watch something besides CourtTV?
    Dinner? HA!

  4. Or just leave them blank?!

    You know the expression ‘that’s so sweet it makes my teeth hurt’? Them poor dentists must be feeling awful left out. Maybe they’ll do the same thing with sticks of carrot…

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