What Magazines Do You Read? — 6 Comments

  1. How great it is that your kids get their own mags.
    And I’m not sure you screwed up the itals, lots of extra funky code on the post.
    I’m seeing larger than normal quoted text.
    Let’s blame wordpress!

  2. Last comment. (Someone stop me before I screw up again.)

    (Btw, isn’t it annoying when someone fills up your comments page with stupidity??)

  3. When our Girl Scout troop sold magazines last fall, I bought a subscription to Reader’s Digest,/i> for myself. (I have yet to read a single one.) I somehow ended up with a subscription to the free magazine put out by Kraft, Food and Family,/i> or something like that, but I usually just pull out the coupons and toss the magazine in the rack. My husband subscribes to Outdoor Living and some kind of ATV mag. The kids get Disney Adventures, Nick Magazine and Highlights High Five. Oh and because I won a category at the Okie Blogger Round-up last fall, I won a subscription to Oklahoma Today.

    Out of all those magazines that come into my house, the only one I read is Highlights High Five because my 5-year-old can’t read yet and I end up reading it to her. That Spot is one funny puppy.

  4. You are easily impressed! 🙂 I love to read all different kinds of magazines. I usually use airline miles to get free subscriptions.

  5. You’re one sophisticated dude! I used to read millions of mags. I grew up with a dad who sold newspaper and magazines for living. Today I read just the NY Times Book Review, New York magazine, People (I once wrote for them, so don’t make any jokes about this), and assorted other mags that I see in the library. I am a magazine junkie, so I keep my subscriptions to a minimum.

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