Why Boomer Men Like Younger Women — 6 Comments

  1. Well, why do we Boomer and more women like younger boomer men? I think it is because women still have a lot to do and many older men are ready to be couch potatoes per above. This is simplistic no doubt, but I think most women who are at last pretty much done with all the child stuff are ready to spread their wings. We are done with menopause and we are going into our reFIREMENT phase as I have been writing on Many men are doing this as well, but lots of them are staring the BIG D in the face and turn and run the other way. And I also think many men have taken less good care of themselves than women and as they near traditional retirement, they just feel lousy, many have poor health and seek the couch/TV or a yunger women to make them feel better.

    Virginia’s last blog post..I’m No Madonna, but I Am An Older Adoptive Mom

  2. Funny that you wrote this. I am 10 years younger than my husband and 10 years younger than a lot of our friends. Most of them are married and within a few years of each other.
    One couple we are friends with however are the opposite. She is 72 and looks like she is 60. He is 60 and looks about 60.
    As for my husband and myself …when I was 38 and he was 48 it seemed no big deal. We were pretty evenly matched. Now that I am 49 and he is 59 we are in two different periods in our lives. I still have a lot of things I want to do and he is ready for retirement.

  3. Shit, ALL men like younger women — unless they (the men) are very young themselves. I am five years younger than my husband, and by So Cal standards he married an “old” woman — his fiftyish friends are chasing girls in their 20s. (I keep telling them they’re not rich enough to AFFORD girls in their 20s, who hold out for old guys with much more money than our friends have.)

  4. When I turned 50, my ex joked that he was gonna trade me in for two 25 year olds. Guess who traded who two years later? He still hasn’t forgiven me!

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