Five Things I Love About the Irish — 9 Comments

  1. I can say this for us: We’re not passive-aggressive. If we have a beef with you, we’ll just punch you in the nose then buy you a drink and we’re the best of mates. Other people will carry a grudge and make your life a living hell by talking s**t behind your back.

    I’m not as Irish as they come, but my Gran was born in Dublin.

    Incurable Insomniacs last blog post..La Boheme @ Ville’s

  2. Here’s my dilemma: are you as Irish as they come? Or are you an aberration? You could rightfully ask the same question of me!
    I would answer that we’re probably a couple of odd ducks having a good time.

    I wish you would podcast more! I love hearing your accent.

  3. You do know a real Irish person. Me. I’m as Irish as they come.

    I haven’t yet been appointed Ambassador to the United States [surely it’s only a matter of time…] so I can’t say I officially represent the Irish, but ……..

  4. Try? Waddya mean, Try?

    You know you love us Irish. At the last count 186% of Americans are claiming Irish ancestry, so there must be something desirable about us.

  5. 1. We’re lovable

    2. We invented St Patrick’s Day so you cam all get p*ss*d in March.

    3. We never invaded you [except via Ellis Island]

    4. We apologised for sending you Riverdance

    5. We let you keep Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne

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