Blogging While Drinking/Drunk — 19 Comments

  1. K8, thanks for your encouragement to start drinking again. But now I remember why I don’t do that anymore. It hurts. I can drink Bourbon until I can’t see, but I usually do something really really stupid that I regret. I can’t picture red wine with fizzy cola bottles in the bottom of the glass. What would this be called?

  2. @Redneck Diva: My headache is gone now. I don’t know if it was the Chill or what.
    @Joy: C’mon, Grandad is going to be all over me about this. Seven beers and I still could drive just fine.

    Here’s the problem: one of the dogs puked. Now is that fair?

  3. I am soooo surprised I can even read this post. I bet you could beerly see the screen. I’m sure you’ll sleep pretty soundly tonight Mark….pleasant dreams.

  4. I think I drunk-blogged once. Hard to remember….

    This post had me giggling like a goofball. Thank you, dude, for getting drunk for the greater good. Edutainment at its best.


  5. Oh shut the hell up. I’m sick and tired of you pansies (Grandad) I don’t see you chugging and blogging. You’re all a bunch of nambie pambies.

  6. My hubby tried Miller Chill and said it was horrible. It tasted like a margarita. He’s back to Miller Genuine Draft or PBR. I gues a margarita-like beer goes along with the leopard car and fuzzy dice. Real men drink real beer.

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