Blogging While Drunk — 8 Comments

  1. 4 year old told Mom he found cat. She asked dead or alive. He said dead. How do you know? I pissed in it’s ear and it didn’t move.
    YOu did what? You know I leaned over and went “Psst” and it didn’t move.

    That’s older than Grandad, now leave me alone.

  2. Our wind chill was 115 today – at least by our thingy. CHILI???
    The man is bonkers.
    I think Chill is doomed. It’s like Tequiza which I liked. But real men didn’t drink that either.

  3. Fahrenheit 451 outside….boy, ain’t that the truth!

    Heath index was 109 yesterday and my husband asked for chili for dinner. I think the heat had made him delirious. We had to eat naked just to get into the spirit of things. There’s something just wrong about eating chili when you’re not appropriately chilled.

    I hear that Miller Chill is dang awesome. I have every intention of finding out on my own this weekend.

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