Duking it Out with Gates and Dell — 3 Comments

  1. Ya know, I’ve had two people tell me that Dell Hell is gone!
    I’m glad you and Vista are getting along. All in need is something to blog with but she needed more speed and memory for downloading patterns.

  2. I have a Dell desktop and I would rather gnaw my arm off than talk to a Dell rep (I think we’ve discussed this before) so I applaud thee for fighting so valiantly and winning!

    My laptop runs Vista and I was SO nervous buying that thing – I had heard so many horror stories about Vista. But, so far, so good. Although, I really don’t see much of a difference in it and XP. It’s pretty to look at and all, but I get along fine with XP on my desktop and to be honest, I’ve disabled a bunch of the extra shaboozie that Vista offers.

    “Barbara” indeed.

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