Microsoft Needs to Employ “The Help” for XP Transitions — 6 Comments

  1. dude! as a former journalist, I feel your pain. when I read your copy my side aches from laughing. I can see you are much like that sergeant in the joe wambaugh novel, glitter dome, you are fair, you hate everyone. good work, wife and I are strongly considering a move to costa rica, carib side, any thoughts? are you planning to run for office there? it might be our only hope. gary out.

  2. laughing…. Bill Gates is a Prick… all day I’m gonna be laughing. It’s a horrible feeling to not have something to say about what you want and what you don’t want… God, I know. And Vista???? OMG!!!

  3. Finally catching up with the blog world again – began writing again in mine after 7 months. I feel your pain about the loss of XP. Our old desktop is still running XP but my laptop is Windows 7. It sure took some getting used to. Why is it they always have to change things that are working perfectly well?

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