Terrorists are in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Top Cop: Everybody Remain Calm. — 5 Comments

  1. try to remember the part where our big old conservative war machine government headed over to Iraq after the Saudi’s gave us 9/11 and proceeded to kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children. Then they didn’t handle it very well because the “MISSION” was “ACCOMPLISHED” so the fact that refugees are running scared isn’t because of the bleeding heart liberals. Besides, shouldn’t we be just a little curious about where you shop for Stinger missles around here? What were their sources? And besides THAT–the FBI was supposed to be checking every refugee who came in through the refugee program so where the F were they when those two thugs got their plane tickets? Quit patting the FBI on the back and hold them accountable. It ain’t the bleeding hearts this time. It’s inept neocons.

  2. Hey — this “bleeding heart liberal” doesn’t want to get her ass blown away any more than your nut job, right-wing teabagger.

    “Billy Bejesus on a Bagel…” BAHAHAHA!

  3. Yeah, I think you should pack up your stuff and leave the country ’cause it ain’t just Iraqis that are terrorists in this country. Your neighbor might be on the domestic terrorist list at this very moment.

    Or perhaps you are. Is that the real reason you’re getting your tail outta here?

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