Why I Quit Playing Golf. The Guide to Golfer-Jerks. — 3 Comments

  1. My husband quit because:
    1. The golf jerks couldn’t count their strokes -somehow they always came up short
    2. Golf jerks put their markers down several inches from where the ball actually stopped
    3. Golf jerks liked to “gimmee” on 15 foot putts.
    2. Two hours of listening to conversations about titties was about 119 minutes too much.
    3. Golf jerks like to pull their manhood out of their pants and water the greens rather than walk/ride back to the clubhouse.

    • @Catch Her: Yes, I didn’t address the cheating because I seldom played with people that cheat. Peeing on the greens? I don’t think I have ever witnessed that. Trees and bushes? Yes, but just letting it fly on the green. Ridiculous.

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