You Kill Dogs? We’ll Break Your Legs — 12 Comments

  1. Isn’t that sad? Getting old is unavoidable and I may look like that someday. But I won’t be in the Senate. What are the people of VA thinking???

  2. What a dumb slob Vick is! I think a lot of pro athletes need to start acting like the role models they are whether they want to be or not. I’m tired od seeing these guys acting like slobs. On the other hand, you see guys like the LeBron James and Eric Snow who are giving back to their communities. We need more of these guys.

  3. At the risk of getting my legs/fingers/other appendages broken for this statement: That guy needs to retire. That much repetition and slurring usually denotes senility or drunkeness.

    It is horribly cruel what Vick has done, but if only NFL players would get so worked up and involved in cruelty to children. If they’d sic a few child rapists and molesters, I bet the incidences would slow down or stop altogether.

    *steps down off her soap box*

  4. Back to the subject at hand, Vick is so despicable for what he was doing that I wouldn’t mind whatsoever if he were beaten to death on the field by the entire NFL.

    Just my two cents…No punishment would be bad enough for this man. And I don’t usually even believe in the death penalty.

  5. I left a comment on their site that will probably be trashed. I reported them to Blogger – but get this – Google who owns Blogger tells me that if I want to sue, yada, yada, fax the info, get a lawyer, be prepared to spend up to $100,000, yada, yada, “You’re SOL.” That’s why the finger-breaking has some appeal 😉

    Outing them simply sends traffic to the site which appears to have been set up as a splog – a spam blog – whatever that is! Yeah, I do sort of know. They rip off your content, present it as their own, bring in the traffic and get Google’s AdSense to pay them.

  6. I found someone that perhaps merits having at least their fingers broken for ripping off my blog. Instead of NFL players doing the deed, do we think we could find a pro blogger (or a gang of them) to do the deed?

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